Monday, November 28, 2011

Transformations on the Coordinate Grid

We have discussed three basic transformations on the coordinate grid.
  • Translation - (slide) every point moves the same distance in the same direction.  To translate points of a figure simply add the number of spaces moved horizontally to the x value and the number of spaces moved vertically to the y value.
  • Reflection - (flip) figures can be flipped horizontally or vertically at any point or can be flipped across an axis.  If you reflect figure across the x axis, change the y values in each point to their opposite to create reflected points.
  • Rotation - (turn) the figure is turned around a single point.  You describe the rotation in degrees either counter-clockwise or clockwise
Use this site to develop your understanding of transformations.  Their are different levels you can choose as you get more comfortable with the concepts.

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