Thursday, November 3, 2011

Finding Percentages for Data on a Table

Here is a question that is similar to one you will see on future assessments.  The key to these types of questions is determining the whole.  You need to determine the total to find the percentage of the part.  For example, to complete number 1 below, you need to add the number of boys (85) and the number of girls (65) to determine the total number of people who prefer tacos.  To find the percentage of boys who like tacos create the fraction 85/150, then convert to a decimal to easily convert to a percent.  I would recommending reducing the fraction first to 17/30 to make the division easier when converting the fraction to a decimal.


  1. The test today was really easy. But that 100% question was so hard Mr. Lattanzi, I'm glad you gave us the answer. Sarcastic.