Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Additional Notes

Prime Time Notes

Monday, October 1, 2012

Back to School Night Video & Screencast

If you missed Back to School Night or would like to see the screencast again, it is posted below.  The sound quality is not the best, so the a copy of the students' explanations are below as well.

Hello everyone, this is _______________________________ and I am here to introduce our math website.  On the site you’ll be see important links to the left.  On the home page here you will see a link to our math program which is called connected math.  If you click on the link here for phschool.com and type in the web-code AMK 5500, you will be navigated to many of the connected math resources for sixth grade.  Click on the features for students.  Here you’ll see video tutors which are also available on Mr. Lattanzi’s website as well as links for multiple choice practice and vocabulary.

Hi everyone this is_____________________ and if you look to the left under Units, you’ll see several of the units we will complete this year.  For example, if you click on our first unit Prime Time, you will be brought to a page that has many resources for that unit.  The parent letter here is a PDF that describes the unit but also provides a good study guide for us.  There are also videos that are provided by the phschool website.  And, if you scroll down there are PDFs of all the ACE problems in our textbook so we don’t have to take it home.  There are different types of problems for practice.  You’ll see ACE problems, additional practice sheets, and skills sheets all by investigation.  The answers to all these problems are also provided.

Hi everyone, I’m__________________I’d like to show you some of the other features of the website.  All of them are available on the menus to the left of the page.  If you would like more information about homework click on the link below “About the Class.”  Here there is an explanation about the expectations for homework.  Briefly, homework should not take longer than thirty minutes.  If problems arise simply email or send in a note to Mr Lattanzi to explain any issues.  We students are expected to attempt all assigned problems, guessing if necessary or explaining our thinking.  Homework is not graded but checked for completion and reviewed the next day.  You can see additional information about grading, our math program, and Mr. Lattanzi under About the Class.

Hi everyone, I’m___________________ I will show you a couple of our projects this year.  First I’ll show you our Dream Home Project where we’ll design a digital and hand-drawn version of the perfect home to better understand area, perimeter, scale, and cost of materials.  All of the important documents are listed on the site as well as past student work, and videos to learn how to use small blue printer.com
          Another project we’ll complete will use our checking account balances as a down payment to purchase a new car.  We’ll complete this webquest learning new vocabulary, figuring out our budgets, determining interest, fuel costs, and loan payments.  We’ll then share our financial findings on a class wiki.

Hi everyone, I’m_________________ and I’d like to show you the class blog.  The blog may be the most helpful resource for us this year.  Mr. Lattanzi tries to update it at least once a week.  You’ll see explanations about various concepts, videos, sample problems, study guides and suggestions, and maybe even excellent student work.  Students are encouraged to create their own blog entries on word documents or create videos and images on various math concepts. 
          Most of us have the website and the blog bookmarked at home, if not we encourage you to do so or you can simply google Lattanzi math to find the site.  Thanks for listening and good night everyone!