Sunday, October 16, 2011

Halloween Service Activity

Hi Ladies & Ghouls!

Don't forgot to bring your donations for our Halloween treat bags for the Homefront organization.  We're putting these bags together on Halloween morning before our field trip.  The goodie bags will be delivered to Homefront for families who have been left homeless. Thanks in advance for your generosity and remembering those that are less fortunate than us.

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Study Guide

Hi Everyone,
This week we should be taking our unit test for Prime Time.  Periods 1,2,8,9 will be testing Wednesday, October 5th and Period 5,6 will most likely be testing Friday, October 7th.  Below are a list of problems from ACE pages, Additional Practice Sheets, and Skills sheets that you can find in Prime Time on the math website.  These problems are hand picked to target specific skills and types of problems you'll encounter on the test.

  • ACE Investigation 1 Problems #32, 34
  • ACE Investigation 2 Problems #16, 23, 33
  • ACE Investigation 3 Problems #1-9, 14, 27, 30, 36, 37
  • ACE Investigation 4 Problems #4-12, 14, 19-26, 31
  • Additional Practice Investigation 3 #1, 3
  • Skills Investigation 3 #7
  • Skills Investigation 4 - All
You may not want to limit yourself to only these problems.  It may be helpful to practice the other problems not mentioned to deepen your understanding.  Remember the answers are also supplied on the site to check your work.

A LCM Challenge...LCM of more than two numbers.

Finding the LCM for three or more numbers is a bit more complicated.  Still, find the GCF first.

Now look at the image below. 

Previously, we just multiplied the GCF by the rest of the prime factors listed.  However, in this case I only multiplied by 5 one time even though the prime 5 is list more than once (see first image).  Can you guess why this is?  Reply to this post!

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