Monday, October 14, 2013

Fractions, Decimals, and Percent Conversions

Click on the link to go to the Math is Fun website to review your understanding of fraction, decimal, and percent conversion.  There is a great interactive manipulative for you to use.  My only issue with this page is when it explains how to convert decimals into percents and back into decimals again, it does not explain why you move the decimal two places.

Remember: converting a decimal to a percent requires you to multiply by 100 (percent means for every hundred).  You are moving the decimal to the right because you are multiplying by a number greater than one.  You are moving it twice because 100 is equivalent to 10 to the 2nd power which is equivalent to two place values.  Moving from a percent to a decimal requires you to divide by 100.  It should make sense that you would move the decimal to the left now because you number should get smaller.

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  1. thanks for putting up about conversions. This will help me on the test