Monday, October 14, 2013

Tradition Long Division Algorithm

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The long division algorithm may take some getting used to, however, if you think about place values and stay organized, you'll see that it may take less brain power than using partial quotients.  If fact, the traditional algorithm allows you to divide more accurately in that you do not need to use remainders anymore.  By adding a decimal point and zeros to your dividend you can continue to divide with out changing the value of your dividend.  The video below show you the basic method when the divisot goes into the dividend evenly.

The image below is a clear example of another problem where the divisor goes into the divided evenly.  The letters down the side just show the steps.

You may have noticed the "crib" to the left of the image.  Some people will multiply the divisor by numbers 1-9 first to make the division work go more smoothly.  Ten is actually unnecessary because each place value can only be named by one digit.

The video below shows you a division problem where the remainder is converted into a decimal.

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  1. the cradle is very helpful, but I usually get the numbers wrong, which make the answer to the division problem wrong.