Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Things to think about for Thursday's Quiz...

Your first quiz of the year is this Thursday 9.18.13.  Here are some things to review:

  • Finding factors of a number
  • Finding Proper Factors of a number
  • Describing the best moves on the factor game and why they are the best moves
  • Describing a set of numbers in relation to their divisibility rules.  For example, list the multiples of 12 up to 100 and describe the divisibility rules for the multiples
  • Describe what makes a number prime
  • Describe the reasons why certain numbers do not appear on the Product Game board while others do
  • Know and use various divisibility rules
  • Identify primes and composites
  • Name at least two...
    • abundant numbers
    • deficient numbers
    • perfect numbers 
    • square numbers

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